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Outdoor banners

An effective and professional way to get your brand out there

Discover the many pvc banners available online. Choose the banner material that suits your needs, small to large . Configure and print your personalized advertising banner up to 5 meters without connection. All pvc and pvc free banners are printed with fade resistant UV / LED inks. Which creates the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor use. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask for our large format digital printing services (30 years of expertise and know-how.)! Do you need help putting up your Large format pvc banner? We have an installation services available in the UK Contact us for more information. 

What is an advertising banner?

Advertising banners as a medium is made of PVC or fabric such as polyester or micro-perforated pvc. (pvc free options also available) You can print your message in medium, large or very large format depending on its width. The advertising banner is an ideal communication medium to promote an event, announce a promotional offer, a commercial operation, a store opening or even indicate your point of sale. You can also create your single-sided or double-sided banners online according to your needs or for an event. With our personalization tool, you will have the possibility of creating your personalized banner with your own message, starting from a banner to create or with the help of a banner model produced by our graphic designers such as the banner for promotions or the change of owner banner. In order for the advertising banner to be suitable for all uses and installation situations (building wraps, barrier, fence, gate), different finishes will be offered: rough cut, reinforcing hems, sleeve, eyelets or tensioners (also called bungee cord). Bespoke solutions are also available, so you can hang it horizontally as well as vertically. Usable indoors as well as outdoors, there are no regulations regarding the installation and display of fabric or PVC tarpaulins and banners in public places, in particular enclosed places, so be sure to inquire. Are you a company, a point of sale, an association, a community, a craftsman or an individual? Don't wait any longer to easily create your budget banner online at Prismaprint.

How are pvc banners printed?

At Prismaprint, all advertising PVC and PVC free banners are printed by digital printers with LED and UV inks. As a printer, we select committed suppliers who offer eco-responsible materials. We therefore print on a wide choice of materials from large to very large format at a lower cost. Digital printing provides durability up to 2 years outdoors

Why use a large format advertising banner?

The advertising tarpaulin is a communication medium suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to the different attachment systems. Easy and quick to install, the large format banner is ideal for having excellent visibility and especially for being seen from a distance. For indoor use, it is recommended to choose a tarpaulin with the M1 / B1 fire standard. The banner is also ideal for small budgets.

What should be printed for a designer advertising on PVC banners?

The advertising banner being a large format communication tool, it must therefore be visible from a distance. It is therefore necessary that the size of the text is large enough and that the words are well selected so as to be clear and concise. Do not overload the banner with unnecessary text and think carefully about the message you want to convey. It is also a matter of having a balance in the composition of information: the text (brand name, phone number, slogan, advertisement), images (logo, photo), spaces and colours chosen. Vary the size of the typographies for a better understanding of the different information. Finally, so that we can identify you at first glance, choose the typography and colours of your graphic charter.

Which customizable advertising banner to choose?

Whether you are a company, a store, a communication agency, a craftsman, an association, printed advertising banners are often economical (cheap!) Products and easy to use for your advertising projects, information and communication. So adopt an advertising tarpaulin on the occasion of any event.

What are the regulations for indoor tarp display?

  • M0: incombustible - non-flammable
  • M1: combustible - non-flammable
  • M2: combustible - hardly flammable
  • M3: combustible - moderately flammable
  • M4: combustible - easily flammable
  • NC : not classified

Choosing an M1 / B1 fabric banner for your stand will allow you to be more serene and safe in the event of a fire.

How to create a personalized banner at the cheapest, lowest price?

At Prismaprint, you have an online creation tool for printing your advertising tarpaulin's. Easy and quick to use, you will be able to create your personalized banner. If you have a precise idea for your tarpaulin, you can start from a blank template and add the desired information (text, image, photo, slogan, etc.). On the other hand, if you don't have any inspiration or graphic resources, you can use one of our models pre-designed by our graphic designers. You will be able to change the text or the colours of your advertising banner as you wish. If you already have a visual, you will also be able to download it directly and will then be printed on your communication medium in just a few clicks. Making an advertising banner from A to Z becomes child's play!

Budget banner or banners on the cheap

.450 or .510 white back pvc / Multiple finishing options / Ideal for promoting your business and temporary communications / Sports events / Daily promotions /Easy to attach to the front of a store, fence, building, etc / Fade resistant UV inks / Durable Materials / Various GMS / Unlimited Size Available / Both indoor and outdoor use. Full colour OSO / Weather proof / B1 Fire Rated / .300gms white back PVC free options available

Printing custom and outdoor banners for business

Outdoor Banner Signs

Outdoor banners for every occasion. We provide digital print solutions on anything from mesh banners, Fabric banners, Custom banners / scaffolding banners, fence banners to large format bespoke finished building wraps / Our digital print solutions on vinyl banners covers everything from cheap budget banners, double sided banners and various event solutions.

Are you attending or going to participate in a trade show or an exhibition fair in the coming months? Equip yourself with a large-format advertising banner to highlight your company, your brand or your slogan. This can be accompanied by a range of X Banner and roller banners, Your stand will not go unnoticed by visitors!

Outdoor Self Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphic are a perfect solution outdoor marketing solution. The can be applied to most outdoor surfaces. Making them one of the most versatile marketing signage solution. At Prismaprint we offer a wide rage of outdoor vinyl graphics, anything from Clear Self Adhesive Vinyl through to perforated window graphics. Vinyl graphics with a matching laminate are extremely durable and waterproof. Perfect for a long term project.


If you are looking for a banner solution along a main road, trade show or even a personalised banner for a special occasion. Prismaprint have a solution for you. Our custom banners are all manufactured with an internal scrim for greater strength and durability. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor branding solutions.

Finishing can be customised to your needs giving you the perfect banner solution for all your needs.


What are outdoor banners made of?

All our pvc banners can be used both indoors and outdoors. Out door banners are generally printed on a Polyvinyl chloride coated or semi coated onto a scrim, giving our clients an extremely durable and waterproof solution.

What is pvc banner?

PVC banners are generally printed onto a Polyvinyl chloride coated or semi coated onto a scrim. This enables Prismaprint to offer a wide range of sizes and grammages for our banners.

What is the best material for an outdoor banner?

Best materials to print outdoor banners onto are, PVC, PVC free and Mesh depending on your needs and application. All three options offer durability in the outdoor market.

How to hang outdoor banners?

There are various ways to hang your outdoor banners depending on type of surface. Banner frames (Free standing or wall mounted banners). Banners with eyelets can be installed by using rope, bungee cord or zip ties. Banners with pockets can be hung or weighted with the use of poles.

How much does it cost to print a banner?

The cost of the banner is determined by the size, type of material and finishing that would be needed for your install. Contact Prismaprint of any help or advise you might need when designing your banner.

Where can you get banners printed?


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